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We specialise in construction disputes within the building industry.

Construction Disputes

Collins Brooks & Associates LLP offer expert legal advice and expert legal services to contractors within the building industry. We have decades of experience in construction disputes. We specialise in providing straightforward and practical advice on all aspects of dispute resolution.
Our construction dispute legal services encompass mediation, conciliation, arbitration and adjudication.
Collins Brooks & Associates LLP are one of Cork’s most experienced and professional construction dispute legal companies. We have helped both small and large companies resolve disputes in a timely, professional and satisfactory manner.

Are you involved in a construction dispute? Schedule a consultation in our Cork solicitor’s offices today.

Our Construction Dispute Services

 Our suite of construction dispute services include

- Advice on the intricacies of the dispute resolution process
- Claims involving defective works and/or product claims
- Extension of time claims
- Ascertained damage claims
- Liquidated claims
- Professional indemnity claims
- Representation of clients during mediation, conciliation, adjudication, arbitration, dispute boards and litigation
- Challenging adjudication decisions
- Challenging arbitral awards

For additional information on any of our construction dispute services, get in contact with Collins Brooks & Associates LLP today.

Construction Disputes FAQ

I’m involved in a construction dispute. How do I hire Collins Brooks & Associates?

If you are involved in a construction dispute get in contact with our Cork Solicitors' office. We’ll organise a consultation and talk you through the straightforward process of hiring our specialist solicitors.

What are the main causes of construction disputes?

Some of the most common types of construction disputes are

- Contract errors
- Sub-par construction quality
- Unpaid invoices
- Contractual obligations not met
- Errors to do with claim submissions
- Site conditions

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